Cares About Her Students

"My daughter 13 years old and will be in 8th grade next school year. She has been a golf student with "Coach Brooke" for a couple of months. The guidance, patience and expertise that Brooke has with her is exceptional. The confidence she has instilled in my daughter over the past two months is amazing. These golf lessons have not only boosted her confidence and love for the game of golf but has made a tremendous impact in all aspects of her life. My daughter consistently shares, that Coach Brooke "makes it easy to follow" her lead when explaining the various dynamics of golf from a physical and psychological aspect. "Don't let silver race car win" is one of my daughter's favorite quotes from Coach Brooke!

Coach Brooke's warm and inviting smile a well as her love and passion for the game of golf easily shine through with every conversation and golf lesson... Coach Brooke is the REAL DEAL, not only is she an expert golfer but a person who cares about the entire student!"

— Dr. V. Felton, Hutto, Texas